Friday, 1 May 2009

My first gurgle

It was early when we woke up today. I was first, and for some reason Mummy was up seconds later cuddling me. I think I might have been coughing. The first words I heard were Mummy saying: "I hope she's OK". Daddy replied: "You didn't take her to the Mexican Embassy yesterday did you?".

I don't know why Mummy laughed. We didn't go anywhere yesterday. Grandma Betty came round and said that my eyes were going to turn brown like Daddy's any day now. She brought me a present that Mummy put on the side of my basket. Apparently it is a 'D' for Daisy. Mummy said "what a beautiful shade of pink" in the voice she uses when she talks to Uncle Eddie's friend James who we don't like much.

Anyway, Grandma was fun and she bounced me up and down on her knee until I felt all dizzy. I started to cry and Mummy ran in and picked me up. She then gave me a couple of pats on the back which didn't help much.

Grandma said that Mummy makes a great cup of tea.

That's enough about them because today is a big day. After the Mexico comment, Daddy picked me up and said "My little girl is a month old today ... happy birthday darling" and he gave me three big kisses on the cheek. His face was a bit grizzly and it made me a little sore, but it made me happy too.

In fact, I was so happy that I made a new noise. It was like this: "Geeeoooe".

Mummy said: "She gurgled!"

Daddy had a big smile on his face.

I felt really pleased with myself.

It was a brilliant start to the day. I'm going to have a sleep now.

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