Thursday, 7 May 2009

More big news

Hi again. I haven't been blogging much this week because I've been so busy.
Things are changing fast.
The best is that I'm making lots of noise and it always makes people smile. Especially Mummy. It means I don't always have to cry to get attention, but people still get a bit confused about what I want.

Take last night. I'd had some milk just before it got dark, and then I fell asleep in Mummy's arms. When I woke up she was trying to put me in my basket. So I gurgled to let her know that I wanted to stay where I was. Guess what? She just kissed me and said what a clever little girl I was and put me in the basket anyway.

Daddy didn't seem to care much. There was more loud stuff on the telly wih lots of brightly coloured things moving around really fast. He kept saying "This is unbelievable" and "Would you believe it?". Mummy kept replying by saying "Ssshhhh. someone's just about to drop off again". I hope 'someone' wasn't me because I wasn't sleepy at all.

Earlier in the day Mummy put me in the pram and we went for a walk in the sunshine. Every time we turned a corner the sun seemed to shine right in my face and I had to turn away to stop it hurting. But it was nice to smell the fresh air and to hear some different noises.

And then this amazing thing happened. Sometimes my hands move up and go past my head. Or they rest on my tummy. Usually they just lie still next to me. And then, in the pram, I moved one of them myself. Just like that. It might not look incredible in writing, but I actually waved my little hand in front of my face and then it dropped back down again. Then I did it again. Amazing. This is a whole new hobby for me when I'm bored.

Mummy didn't notice. She was on the phone to her friend Sue saying things like "Are you sure he's forgotten?" and "You never know, he might be planning to surprise you". Then she said, "We just don't make a big thing of anniversaries, so there's no chance of being let down."

Sue then spoke for ages and ages and Mummy said "You poor thing. Well if you want to escape just come over to ours for a bit. I'll look after you."

I cried at this point. I'm not quite sure why. I think I was a bit jealous that Mummy was offering to look after Sue instead of me. I was aso a bit angry that I was now too tired to move my hand again and Mummy had missed it. And also I was starving.

"Got to go now, Daisy's kicking off" said Mum breezily. And then, after a pause, "No, still very similar to last week. I think they change a bit less in month two."

Change a bit less? Similar? I just moved my hand. Forget this anniversary nonsense, that's something really worth making a real fuss about.


  1. I just love reading this blog. Very original, can't get enough! I think you should put this into a book.
    Greetings from Oregon, USA.

  2. Thank you Ann. I would LOVE to be in a very little book. I'm just hoping that if I keep writing for long enough then someone will put it in a nice cover with a pink balloon on it for me! I'm going to write some more today, so hope you'll enjoy that too! Thanks again. VLV xxx