Thursday, 21 May 2009

I've been feeling funny

Hi everyone!

You might have noticed that I haven't written much for a few days. It's because I've been feeling a bit weird.

It all started last weekend. We'd had a lovely day walking around in the pram and looking at things and we got back in time for my bath. Just when I was changed and dry, I started feeling funny in the tummy and my head felt a bit dizzy.

You can probably guess what happened next. I started to cry.

Mummy and Daddy are getting much better at understanding me these days. They know my hungry cry. They know my tired cry. And they usually know my windy cry. But they still haven't worked out my 'I'm too hot' cry and they don't have a clue about my new 'not feeling well cry'. It must sound a lot like my tired and hungry cries.

This meant that I had a bad evening. Daddy thought the best cure would be to bang me on the back. But imagine if you felt sick and someone did that to you. I bet you'd cry too. So I did. Very loudly.

It must have sounded a bit out of control because Mummy told Daddy to turn off the television and walked me around the room on her shoulder. But that didn't help. So she tried to feed me.

Have you ever tried to eat when you feel sick? I promise you its not much fun. So I went into a new, high pitched cry that led to Mummy saying out loud "I just don't know what's wrong, shall we call a doctor?".

Daddy is very calm usually. And he had a really bad idea. This was to run around the room trying to distract me. It didn't. I just felt even more sick. It was horrible.

Eventually I fell asleep. I think it was in the pram that Daddy had brought into the living room to settle me down.

When I woke up everything was fine, but Mummy was leaning over the cot with her hand on my forehead.

To cut a very long story short, this has happened every night this week. They have tried to help, but I'm not sure what they should do. The days are still fun, but they both look a lot more tired than a week ago.

Grandma Betty calls it 'colic'. That's what Daddy had when he was little. Mummy said that at least he's not an Alco-colic, which they all laughed at. I didn't understand what she was on about.

Anyway, evenings aren't as fun as they used to be. But on the upside, Uncle Eddie has stopped whining about that woman. And I can now scratch my nose with my finger.

I hope I'll feel better this evening.


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