Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My first smile

Well I haven't wanted to go on about it, particularly because I'm only eight weeks old, but I was beginning to worry.

It started with a few jokes.

Like Daddy saying "Daisy's not what you'd call a smiler is she?".

Or Uncle Eddie saying to me "Maybe you just don't think there's very much to smile about".

More recently it had become a little more serious. Mummy would plead with me to give her just one little smile. "Just to show you can."

Daddy tends to be a bit relaxed about these things, but I even heard him tell Mummy that "all the guys at work with kids had a smile out of them within seven weeks".

The thing was, I knew what a smile was because I've seen lots of them. Especially Mummy who smiles at me all day long.

I've wanted to do one for ages, but every time I tried it would just turn into a splutter, or a funny noise, or even a kissing shape. And as hard as I tried, I just couldn't get those corners of my mouth to turn upwards.

And then, about a week ago, I did one. But no one saw it. I just know it was a good one because my cheeks felt all funny and I just felt happy. But I was so desparate to let everyone know that I cried. And it turned out that it was four o'clock in the morning and Mummy had fed me at three. Which didn't make anyone very happy.

As you know, the evenings have been really rotten the last few days, so there hasn't been much of a chance to smile with Daddy around.

But last night it just happened. I'd been feeling funny again, and had had my cry. Daddy had run in and out of the room with me singing something odd. And like usual, I calmed down for my night time feed. For some reason Mummy and Daddy took me to my moses basket together. And I suddenly felt really comfortable and all the pain had gone away. I looked at them both without even trying to do anything, and then I felt my face creasing up and my eyes getting smaller and it must have been a brilliant smile because Mummy hugged Daddy.

He said "I told you it was just a matter of time".

She said "I love our little girl".

I felt so happy and closed my eyes. But I couldn't get to sleep. I was listening to them whispering about me. And then Mummy called Sue to tell her all about it. And Daddy called Grandma Betty.

When he'd put down the phone Mummy asked him what she had said.

"Better late than never. You took ten weeks."

And they both laughed. I slept really well after that.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

I've been feeling funny

Hi everyone!

You might have noticed that I haven't written much for a few days. It's because I've been feeling a bit weird.

It all started last weekend. We'd had a lovely day walking around in the pram and looking at things and we got back in time for my bath. Just when I was changed and dry, I started feeling funny in the tummy and my head felt a bit dizzy.

You can probably guess what happened next. I started to cry.

Mummy and Daddy are getting much better at understanding me these days. They know my hungry cry. They know my tired cry. And they usually know my windy cry. But they still haven't worked out my 'I'm too hot' cry and they don't have a clue about my new 'not feeling well cry'. It must sound a lot like my tired and hungry cries.

This meant that I had a bad evening. Daddy thought the best cure would be to bang me on the back. But imagine if you felt sick and someone did that to you. I bet you'd cry too. So I did. Very loudly.

It must have sounded a bit out of control because Mummy told Daddy to turn off the television and walked me around the room on her shoulder. But that didn't help. So she tried to feed me.

Have you ever tried to eat when you feel sick? I promise you its not much fun. So I went into a new, high pitched cry that led to Mummy saying out loud "I just don't know what's wrong, shall we call a doctor?".

Daddy is very calm usually. And he had a really bad idea. This was to run around the room trying to distract me. It didn't. I just felt even more sick. It was horrible.

Eventually I fell asleep. I think it was in the pram that Daddy had brought into the living room to settle me down.

When I woke up everything was fine, but Mummy was leaning over the cot with her hand on my forehead.

To cut a very long story short, this has happened every night this week. They have tried to help, but I'm not sure what they should do. The days are still fun, but they both look a lot more tired than a week ago.

Grandma Betty calls it 'colic'. That's what Daddy had when he was little. Mummy said that at least he's not an Alco-colic, which they all laughed at. I didn't understand what she was on about.

Anyway, evenings aren't as fun as they used to be. But on the upside, Uncle Eddie has stopped whining about that woman. And I can now scratch my nose with my finger.

I hope I'll feel better this evening.


Monday, 11 May 2009

Uncle Eddie and my pink feet

You will never guess what happened yesterday.

First of all Uncle Eddie came round to see us. He was a bit miserable. He didn't even give me a proper bounce up and down like usual, which was good because it usually makes me sick.

He started telling Mummy and Daddy about a conversation he had with a girl the night before. It was SO boring. I fell asleep even though I wasn't even tired and when I woke up he was still talking.

At the end of the story Mummy said "Come on Ed, its a shame but you need to start looking forward". Daddy said "Let's get your mind onto something else". And Mummy said "Why don't you come with us to make some Daisy mugs?".

I obviously perked up at the last bit, because I've noticed in the last week or two that not everything seems to revolve around me any more. This sounded fun. Uncle Eddie said something like "Well I guess I've got a lot of time to fill", and I have to say that for someone who usually spreads fun and joy wherever he goes, the thought of a Daisy Mug seemed to excite him in the same way that Mummy reacts when its time to change my nappy.

Daisy Mugging started by getting us all in the car. This is always a lot of work as I have to be cleaned, changed and put in the funny seat and then something silly happens, like I do a little bit more Pooh, and we have to start all over again.

Anyway, this time it was more fun than usual, becaue I got to sit next to Uncle Eddie rather than being all alone in my part of the car while Mummy and Daddy talk in the front. It was fine when all they talked about was me, but, as I said, they also discuss things like banks and jobs and dinner these days.

When Uncle Eddie wasn't saying things like "I really miss her" and "Sitting with Daisy is the closest I'm going to get to having a baby", we actually had some fun. I watched him scratching his nose and tried to scratch mine. This was a disaster, as I really haven't yet got hold of moving my hand where I want it to go, and I bumped it into my leg. He didn't really notice, but started to blow air into my face, and that was quite fun.

The Daisy Mug place was a big room with lots of people in it. Brilliantly, I was the smallest person there, and so I got lots of attention from all the Mums who said I was gorgeous and delightful. They seemed to ignore their own children, which worried me a bit. When I'm bigger, Mummy and Daddy might ignore me too.

And then the weird bit started. Daisy Mugging meant taking off most of my clothes and painting my feet. I cried. What did they expect? Me to sit there looking happy while my little pink feet started to look like one of the toys hanging off the side of my basket? After a while I stopped crying because it actually felt quite nice. Then they got some mugs and pressed my foot against them to make a big mark. "Wow, that really is amazing!" said Mummy.

"Mum will love one of these" said Daddy. That seemed to stop the excitement for a moment. And then Eddie said "Jane would have loved one of these" and looked all miserable. Mummy sounded a bit annoyed and said "For goodness sakes Eddie - you only met her three weeks ago". And then everyone stared really hard at my shiny feet.

Amazingly, that was that. I had some milk in the Mugging room while Daddy and Eddie put more pink things on the mugs. They then gave them to a lady and we left to go home.

So, in short, we spent a day driving for ages to somewhere to paint my feet bright pink and make a mess on some mugs. I'm sure we could have done that in the kitchen. The good news is that Eddie was much happier by the end of it. When we got home he gave me a big hug and ran round the room with me. I tried really hard not to, but after a little while I was sick down his trousers.

"Poor Old Eddie" said Mummy, "It's just not your day is it?"

Not his day? They talked about him all evening after he'd gone home. I gurgled a bit but no one noticed. So I cried loudly and Daddy came and picked me up for a cuddle. I can see that I'm going to have to start working harder for attention from now on.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

More big news

Hi again. I haven't been blogging much this week because I've been so busy.
Things are changing fast.
The best is that I'm making lots of noise and it always makes people smile. Especially Mummy. It means I don't always have to cry to get attention, but people still get a bit confused about what I want.

Take last night. I'd had some milk just before it got dark, and then I fell asleep in Mummy's arms. When I woke up she was trying to put me in my basket. So I gurgled to let her know that I wanted to stay where I was. Guess what? She just kissed me and said what a clever little girl I was and put me in the basket anyway.

Daddy didn't seem to care much. There was more loud stuff on the telly wih lots of brightly coloured things moving around really fast. He kept saying "This is unbelievable" and "Would you believe it?". Mummy kept replying by saying "Ssshhhh. someone's just about to drop off again". I hope 'someone' wasn't me because I wasn't sleepy at all.

Earlier in the day Mummy put me in the pram and we went for a walk in the sunshine. Every time we turned a corner the sun seemed to shine right in my face and I had to turn away to stop it hurting. But it was nice to smell the fresh air and to hear some different noises.

And then this amazing thing happened. Sometimes my hands move up and go past my head. Or they rest on my tummy. Usually they just lie still next to me. And then, in the pram, I moved one of them myself. Just like that. It might not look incredible in writing, but I actually waved my little hand in front of my face and then it dropped back down again. Then I did it again. Amazing. This is a whole new hobby for me when I'm bored.

Mummy didn't notice. She was on the phone to her friend Sue saying things like "Are you sure he's forgotten?" and "You never know, he might be planning to surprise you". Then she said, "We just don't make a big thing of anniversaries, so there's no chance of being let down."

Sue then spoke for ages and ages and Mummy said "You poor thing. Well if you want to escape just come over to ours for a bit. I'll look after you."

I cried at this point. I'm not quite sure why. I think I was a bit jealous that Mummy was offering to look after Sue instead of me. I was aso a bit angry that I was now too tired to move my hand again and Mummy had missed it. And also I was starving.

"Got to go now, Daisy's kicking off" said Mum breezily. And then, after a pause, "No, still very similar to last week. I think they change a bit less in month two."

Change a bit less? Similar? I just moved my hand. Forget this anniversary nonsense, that's something really worth making a real fuss about.

Friday, 1 May 2009

My first gurgle

It was early when we woke up today. I was first, and for some reason Mummy was up seconds later cuddling me. I think I might have been coughing. The first words I heard were Mummy saying: "I hope she's OK". Daddy replied: "You didn't take her to the Mexican Embassy yesterday did you?".

I don't know why Mummy laughed. We didn't go anywhere yesterday. Grandma Betty came round and said that my eyes were going to turn brown like Daddy's any day now. She brought me a present that Mummy put on the side of my basket. Apparently it is a 'D' for Daisy. Mummy said "what a beautiful shade of pink" in the voice she uses when she talks to Uncle Eddie's friend James who we don't like much.

Anyway, Grandma was fun and she bounced me up and down on her knee until I felt all dizzy. I started to cry and Mummy ran in and picked me up. She then gave me a couple of pats on the back which didn't help much.

Grandma said that Mummy makes a great cup of tea.

That's enough about them because today is a big day. After the Mexico comment, Daddy picked me up and said "My little girl is a month old today ... happy birthday darling" and he gave me three big kisses on the cheek. His face was a bit grizzly and it made me a little sore, but it made me happy too.

In fact, I was so happy that I made a new noise. It was like this: "Geeeoooe".

Mummy said: "She gurgled!"

Daddy had a big smile on his face.

I felt really pleased with myself.

It was a brilliant start to the day. I'm going to have a sleep now.